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An Ultimate Guide to Betting On the Indian Cricket Team

With roots dating back to 18th century England, cricket is one of the oldest sports in existence. If you are a fan of this sport and want to learn more about betting on it, if you want IPL betting tips from experts, then read on! Even though all betting exchanges are licensed, you need to research and ask people who have been in the betting business for a long time. The best place to meet people who are in the betting business is blogs and forums where you will get access to the useful information shared by the experts.

How to bet on cricket in India?

Since there are no retail betting shops in India, cricket betting online is the only option for most Indian fans. There are plenty of online betting benefits such as cricket free bets that customers can avail. Visit the website of the best online betting sites to get the best deals. Here are some cricket betting tips to get you started.

  • Choose your bookmaker

Choosing the right bookmaker is one of the most important IPL betting tips you should consider, as there are dozens of cricket betting sites in India to choose from. You need to choose the best one in the market, the final decision of where to bet is up to you. Think about what components are most important to you. For instance, what is your preference- regular free bets on cricket or a platform that accepts Paytm deposits?

By evaluating the features you want to use, you can then compare bookmakers to find the best cricket betting sites and visit the website to avail deals on bets.

  • Study match statistics

The Indian Premier League (IPL) with limited-overs matches is known for its exciting finishes, but there are also many one-sided matches. Sometimes, a team can gain a big advantage by winning the toss, or a team can get bowled out for a very low score. You will never know what a good total score is until most, if not all, of the first innings is completed.

A good cricket betting tip, therefore, is to wait for the first innings to be over and analysing what is happening and how it might affect the chase for runs in the second innings. This will enable you to predict the team that will end up victorious.

  • Expect the unexpected

Drama is something that you can definitely expect in an IPL cricket match, as surprises are the order of the day. In the T20 format, a team may expect to score a goal quickly. The pressure of playing a catch-up game can tempt batsmen to do stupid things.

The IPL betting tip for you is to always expect the unexpected and you can benefit from great odds. We are not saying you should always bet on the underdog, just that you should do your analysis and if you think it’s worth betting on, you should!

  • Choose and bet on the right odds

When you are betting on the IPL cricket tournament, one of the most important ipl cricket betting tips is to pick and bet on the right odds. This is to look for a good bet. If you fail to find the right bets, you may fail to enjoy a pleasant betting experience in cricket betting. You should find markets that have a higher chance of winning than the odds given would suggest. It is also important that you look around for the best odds by visiting the websites of all the expert-reviewed cricket betting sites.

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